Hello, my name is James Bell and I have been on a healing path for well over 10 years. During this journey I have come to a great understanding of how the body, mind and soul work together and that working with all three aspects at once can produce incredibly potent healing.


I incorporate sound resonance, breath work, massage, pressure points, intuitive healing touch and awareness of mental and emotional patterns to bring forth a full spectrum of healing.  After training in Detox Organ Massage based in Chi Nei Tsang, Thai  massage, Swedish touch massage, Reiki and energy healing I spent a number of years incorporating these healing modalities into what I  practice today.


While traveling South East Asia, I worked with a variety of teachers and practiced Vipassana meditation where I acquired a deep understanding of how the mind communicates with the body through the nervous system. As I dove deep into this process I was able to heal my old trauma and release my attachment to 15 years of chronic pain. I later discovered that the organs have neurons similar to the brain which hold emotional memory and this emotional memory can trigger a nervous system response which can manifest in many ways including abdominal pain, low energy, chronic pain, stress and anxiety. I now share this learning with clients through coaching and physical work so that they can understand what is happening and have tools to release it.


I share this knowledge and life experience in a way that allows my clients to feel safe in exploring and letting go of their stuck physical, emotional and mental patterns so that they can live more fully in the now moment.  This allows them to move through life with far less anxiety and stress. Some clients go so far as to say the experience has been life changing.


I believe that healing should go deeper then just the physical level and it is my life's work to help as many people as I can to overcome the physical, emotional and energetic barriers that are holding them back. I am dedicated to helping you move through your blocks and to create a loving space so that you feel safe to get the deep healing and peace that you deserve. Not everyone can get away for months of dedicated healing so I started Our Healing Room to create a space where you can work through and release those physical, emotional and energetic obstacles that are holding you back and go live more fully while continuing to live your life.


I look forward to working with you,



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