This work is based in Chi Nei Tsang and I use a combination of intuitive healing, pressure points, breath work, sound resonance, massage and coaching to get to the root of emotional, energetic and physical blockages within the body. This helps release anger, sadness, trauma, stress and anxiety to relieve stomach pain, insomnia, back pain and bad digestion leaving you relaxed and calm.

How does it work?

Detox organ massage is a combination of abdominal massage, pressure points, deep breathing, sound resonance and energy healing that helps move anything physical, emotional or energetic that is stuck in your nervous system. I combine this with coaching in order to bring awareness to the thought patterns, behaviours, reactive states and coping mechanisms that are negatively effecting your life. Once awareness is reached and the nervous system is calmed down we can them implement strategies that will shift the behaviour to a more positive, calming outcome.

The benefit of combining the calming effect of the body work with coaching is that you are less reactive when you encounter the same stimulus in your life. Taking you out of a stressed and anxious state allows you to implement lasting change in your life through changes in thought, tools and strategies.

Most people have a tools and strategies for their lives but due to their body being in a reactive state they are not able to easily use them. This happens because when the flight/fight/freeze system is activated it literally bypasses the thinking brain and puts you in a reactive state and it can be activated by stress and anxiety. This can be life saving in dangerous situations but destructive when dealing with every day stress and anxiety.

The end result of combining these modalities is that you will be much more calm, relaxed and at ease in your life. You will start sleep more deeply; experience calm and ease; become more connected to your body and mind; release old trauma; have less pain; breathe more deeply and experience many other shifts in your life.


Food & Drink

  • Don’t eat anything solid for 3 hours before. 

  • Fruit shakes and juice are fine.

  • Drink 2 glasses of water leading up to the massage.


  • Preferable clothing is pants with an elastic waist band and t-shirt so that the stomach can easily be exposed.

Your Comfort

The massage works the whole stomach area from pubic bone to rib cage, I work with each of my clients to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible.  Please feel free to voice any concerns or discomforts at any time before and during your treatments.


If you have any questions before your session please feel free to contact us and ask anything about anything you are unsure of.

​Things to note

If you have had any abdominal surgery in the last year you should not do this work.


For women, it is not advised to book a massage during your menstrual cycle as the increased blood flow may cause extra bleeding.

What to expect from a treatment

This massage goes deep into the abdomen and while some people find this to be an intense experience at first others find it relaxing right away. By the end of a session every client that I have worked with has found a deep sense of relaxation and what most describe as more space  and flow in their abdomen.

The abdomen can be a vulnerable space to work in as we store our emotions there.  When you are able to let go and trust someone to work with you to release what you are holding it can free up space and aid you in releasing unprocessed emotions, stress and anxiety.


One of the most important things that I do is build trust with my clients in order to help them relax, breath and release any blockages.  Some people will laugh, cry or release anger.  Most people have energetic blockages and feel it in a tingling in various parts of their bodies as their energy moves through those blockages.

Everyone reacts differently and as a healer I work with each individual based on how they respond, what their sensitivity level is and how much pressure is needed to get optimal results.  The one common thread with everyone is that no matter how uncomfortable or easy the massage was for them they feel a deep sense of relaxation once the treatment is done.  Most people talk about a feeling of having more space but can not put exact words to it.  And most people find their emotional life shifting over the following weeks.


Most clients have big emotional shifts over the week following a session and I urge clients to breath deeply into what they are feeling, sit with it and process what is really going on.  It is one of the reasons I suggest having multiple treatments as it can be a dynamic shift in how you process emotions. Guiding you over the course of a few months we can work more thoroughly through what you are experiencing and help you transition with ease and flow.

One treatment can have a profound effect but it is recommended to have 3-6 treatments over  2-6 months to get a lasting effect. Some people stay with the work once every month or two as they continue to experience growth and change in their lives. Sometimes it takes a while to shift decades of old patterns and  we can fall back into what we are used to. Having support and a reminder of what change you have had can be valuable in long term change.


This massage can benefit anyone to:

  • become more connected to their body

  • Get rid of abdominal pains

  • Digest and assimilate better

  • Eliminate irregularity

  • Breathe more fully and effortlessly

  • Detoxify and strengthen weak or damaged organs

  • Boost your immune system

  • Find a deep sense of relaxation

  • Work through emotional blocks

  • Get a better sleep

  • release stress and anxiety

  • release trauma

  • relieve abdominal pain

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