Have you ever tried affirmations? I love myself. I am worthy of love. I am lovable. I am an abundant person. I am a wealthy person. I deserve happiness. I feel safe. I am a powerful influencer. I love myself just the way that I am. All of these are great, empowering affirmations and saying them out loud in the mirror can be really empowering.

What happens when you don’t believe what you are saying? Does it feel wrong? Can you push through it? Can you bring your energy up enough to say it with conviction?

I’ve had clients that can spout off a number of these with gusto and vigour, confidence and authority. And then I check in with them and I ask them, now how do you really feel? I get them to check in to their breathing, their body and how they are feeling right in this moment and then they break down, they can’t get the words out.

The common practice of this is to push through how you feel and say it from where you want to be and that can be of benefit in some situations. Maybe you have a presentation to do or a job interview and you want a burst. Maybe there are some situations where you want to put on a show despite having a bad day and this helps. For long term shifts I have a different way to practice affirmations.

I suggest to clients to connect to their breathing, to connect to how they feel right now, in this moment and to feel their body. Once you are connected you look in the mirror and say your affirmation from how it really feels in your body, let the resistance and the feelings surrounding it come up and say it from where it truthfully lives in your body. Maybe there is anger there, maybe sadness or any other feeling that wants to come up. Let those feelings come up and continue to say your affirmation from a truthful place. Say it a number of times with the emotions that comes up as you work through the feelings. This is a big piece, do not allow yourself to get stuck in any feeling, use your breath

breathing deep into the belly to help yourself move through the feelings that want to come up and continue to say the affirmation.

The first time that you do this it may take some work and time to move through the feeling until it feels like it fits and you believe it. The next time it may take more or less depending on the day. Continue with the affirmation daily until you get to a point where you consistently say it from a positive, energetic place three days in a row while connecting to how you feel in the moment. If you are doing personal growth work already this may happen more quickly, you may also get stuck and that’s ok. Sometimes we do need assistance to figure out where we are stuck and get help moving through it. You do not have to be in it alone, friends and healers like myself are available to you to help you through.

There is so much power in honouring yourself for where you are and how you really feel instead of trying to trick yourself into pretending to be something that you are not. I encourage you to connect to your breath, how you feel in the moment and really check in to how are experiencing your life right now, in any moment of now.


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