Trauma, stress and anxiety release Services

Detox Organ Massage


1 x 90 minute Detox Organ Massage Session:  $150.00

3 x 90 minute Detox Organ Massage Session:  $375.00 


These sessions help to

-Relieve mild/moderate stress and anxiety

-Release old or repressed trauma

-Detoxify and strengthen weak or damaged organs

-Increase energy levels

-Boost your immune system 

-Get rid of abdominal pains 

-Improve digestion

-Eliminate irregularity

-Breathe more fully and effortlessly 

-Rebalance the body’s energy field

-Relax the body and nervous system as well as calm the mind


In these sessions we do a quick check in to see what your concerns are before getting into the body and moving what is stuck. This abdominal massage will relieve stomach pain, stress, anxiety, digestion issues, suppressed emotion and feeling stuck in your life. These sessions are designed for people that are looking to help with symptom management and/or have good emotional support in their lives. You will leave feeling a deep sense of calm, relaxation and relief.

Trauma Release work
1 x 2 hour coaching/Detox massage session $200.00  
3 x 2 hour coaching/Detox massage session $525.00 

The combination of coaching and this unique massage can have life changing results.


These sessions have all of the benefits above as well as diving deeper to get to the root of what you are experiencing.

Trauma is often misunderstood. Many people believe that there has to be a big event in your life when in truth it can happen little by little over time. We tend to compare our lives to others and tell ourselves, “I had it better then most so I shouldn't complain, it's not that bad.” The truth is that everyone has had life events that wounded them and left emotional patterns and blocks. These sessions get to the heart of old trauma and help to both process and release it.

In many cases clients are not able to figure out why they are blocked; have excessive anxiety; have reoccurring abdominal issue; can't let go of passed trauma; feel stuck in life; keep getting triggered when they thought they had thought they worked through something; keep making the same mistakes or continue to have other reoccurring negative habits or mood patterns. With these sessions we dive a little deeper to get you connected to the root cause before physically moving it through the body to be fully processed. I offer tools and insights and things to practice as you move through what is holding you back. This process combined with the detox massage has transformative results.

Trauma Detox intensive program

This is a 6 session series of 3 hours each with a coaching call between each session $3000.00
These sessions are recorded so that you can reflect upon them.

These sessions are recorded so that you can reflect upon them.

Ideally we set these sessions up 2-3 weeks apart with a coaching call between each session to check on your progress and provide support.

I offer this intensive program for people that are ready to make massive shifts in their lives. This takes commitment and work on both our parts as we dive down to the root of what is holding you back in any aspect of your life and work on strategies to overcome it. With the combination of techniques that I use, plus the Detox Organ Massage, we are able to break through whatever is holding you back. With the addition of coaching calls between sessions, I am able to note your progress and support you as you make changes to your inner world that reflect in your outer world.


These sessions are focused on identifying old trauma, processing that trauma and then shifting how your mind processes things in the present. This process helps you to see what is happening in the present moment and not have it coloured by past memories and emotional hurt. It is truly amazing to witness how when we shift our internal process that our external world changes in ways that we could never expect.

This program is designed to assist and support you in making a huge life shift.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $50 charge for sessions cancelled with less then 24 hours notice.


You can reschedule your session via the confirmation Email you receive when you book.

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