As well as working on our emotional health the body can also need support.


A naturopathic doctor can be of great help in diagnosing and treating many things at their root cause.

At Bay Wellness centre, naturopathic physicians, Annie Savage and Megan Maycher treat many health conditions with a special focus on women’s wellness. They both share a passion for educating and empowering women, helping them to live their optimal lives. 


Dr. Savage and Dr. Maycher believe in integrated medicine, using as many natural approaches as possible, while also being able to turn to pharmaceutical interventions if necessary. They use a “test don’t guess” approach when treating patients to ensure the highest quality of care and work with their patients through their health concerns from beginning to end. 


The services provided at Bay Wellness Centre include:

1. Consultations (30-60mins)

2. Food Sensitivity testing

3. Hormone and adrenal testing 

4. Medical aesthetic procedures

5. Nutrient IV therapy

6. Pain treatments (prolotherapy, PRP injections, micro-current) 


For more information regarding naturopathic services provided


For addiction counselling I highly recommend Ben Goresky. His work helps you move through life after rehab.


I believe that we should not have to navigate life alone and that we can have much more growth more quickly when working with others. Because of this I recommend working one on one as well as in group settings in order to have supported healing and growth. These are my recommendations for the Vancouver area.

For men I recommend The Samurai Brotherhood as it is an organized group with leaders that have great support from one another. The groups meet once a week, are 12-18 members each, have structure and offer support as you navigate change in your life. 

For women I recommend Rising Woman. These groups of women also meet once a week in person or have an online group as well.

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