"I’ve been on my own healing journey for quite some time and have done a few modalities, although they do work and they are a part of my journey, my work brought me to James. I entered with an open mind and a willingness for healing to take place and what came to me was profound.


The space James offers is like no other (that I have been), I felt safe, secure and free from judgment; I was able to be me! I was able to express “freely” every emotion that was to come up. That made me so happy! That proves to me the integrity James holds while with his clients. James offers a caring, safe and nurturing environment for healing to to take place, he thoughtfully explained the process and took the time in the beginning to see my needs were going to be met.


The massage along with the breath work was interesting and it allowed for release of fear that we worked on. It has been a long time for me to just “be” in the moment and I find myself whistling and enjoying my moments more and more. I purchased the 3 pack and I highly recommend this as a first timer!


Thank-you James, you’re a wonderful healer that our world needs."

Michelle Chapman

"This is not your ‘run of the mill’ therapy, and James isn’t your ‘run of the mill’ therapist. I live in England, but when I’m in Vancouver I block-book three sessions with James each time. Every session I know I am guaranteed to work through emotional blocks and leave feeling lighter and more ready to face the world.


‘Organ detox’ may seem unusual, I’d certainly never heard of it before, but the real ‘pull’ here is James. He guides you through your healing in a way that feels totally supportive, non-judgemental and even, dare-I-say-it, enjoyable. It’s effective and it’s beautiful and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough."

Alex Peppitt

 "James' organ detoxing method has helped me in profound ways.


He has helped me identify the aspects in my life that has been holding me back, and the physical aspect of the detoxing has helped it 'move through' my inner systems. His method is a holistic approach that covers both physical and mental (+ spiritual if you are into that idea) aspects of my well-being.


I have benefited a great deal from his sessions, and I wholeheartedly recommend James to anyone who are looking to deal with inner challenges in their lives"

MacKenzie Ko

"I have had two 90 minute sessions with James so far and am eagerly looking forward to my third session this coming week. I have experienced many different healing modalities over the years but none as profound as this. Aside from the physical benefits, relief from lower back pain and stomach pain I experienced shifts on a very deep personal level from issues relating to childhood trauma. Trust has always been difficult for me in intimate relationships but I was able easily to trust James as he helped me work through "blocks". I am very grateful to James for his compassion, skill and enormous healing gifts. I cannot recommend him highly enough whether it be for simple relief of back pain, digestive issues, anxiety or for deeper emotional blocks needing release. Thank you James!"


Rebecca Jenkins

"I am so grateful to have met James and experience the work that he does. It has had profound effects on my well being. James provides a totally safe and trusting environment for the sessions, just by nature of who he is. In the 2 sessions I have now received, the physical and emotional releases I had were quite intense, and I felt very comfortable moving through them with the guided breath work that is part of the session. Although this work is done mainly on the organs, I have felt considerable release around my solar plexus/diaphragm, up to my neck and especially my jaw. One of the most powerful changes I have noticed in the last month since the first treatment, is during my yoga practice, where I have much more access to my inner core muscles and pelvic floor. Thank you James!"


Keshia Clancy, RMT

"I am a Registered Massage Therapist and was unfamiliar with the detox organ massage. James was excellent explaining what to expect, and set up a warm and comfortable environment to receive the treatment in. While it may be uncomfortable at times, he does very well working with the body while each organ is released. I would definitely recommend this massage to anyone interested in new health care treatments."


Brie Slingerland, RMT

"Thanks for the massage James ! It was a totally new experience for me.. Weird at first because it's unnatural to have someone pressing in on your stomach lol but the after effects were incredible! Stressors I had about my new job, boyfriend had just left for 3 weeks, and family issues seemed more manageable. Also my body just felt lighter or something.. I may not understand the mechanism behind it all but it certainly was a positive, rejuvenating experience that I think everyone should try! Thanks again :)"


Lisa Heartly

"James has created a safe and mindful practice which I highly recommend. I understand that for some, this massage does not seem like the obvious choice.  For me massage is essential to cleanse and maintain my organs seasonally and to keep healthy in times of stress.  I can't always eat as healthy as I like and know that my foods are full of toxins.  This massage has been essential for clarity of mind and body so that I can function more efficiently in my life"
Jocelyn Anderson

I am a woman in my late 20's and I have an interest in creating a different perception of reality that is healthier than what I have created for myself due to patterns that started at a young age. James has transformed the way I think about my relationship to my body and how it can help me in my spiritual growth in just one session. He is incredibly intuitive and yet gentle in this gift to understand you. I know he has this gift to help people and he is using it to heal people in a way that could change their life. I cannot recommend James as a healer enough. I am returning to continue to work through some of my personal things, but his goal is to teach you how to be independent and learn to manage your own state of being.

Sophia P

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