I will help you break patterns of thought or emotion that are keeping you stuck. These patterns may be causing stress, anger or anxiety that are keeping you stuck in your life path, relationships or work. By combining coaching with physical body work and vocalization I will help you bring awareness to the patterns and then work with you to physically move it from the nervous system and mind. We will work together to create positive, long lasting change.

Detox Organ Massage


1 x 90 minute Detox Organ Massage Session:  $150.00

3 x 90 minute Detox Organ Massage Session:  $375.00 

These sessions include a 15 minute check in/coaching


These sessions help to

-Relieve mild/moderate stress and anxiety

-Release old or repressed trauma

-Detoxify and strengthen weak or damaged organs

-Increase energy levels

-Boost your immune system 

-Get rid of abdominal pains 

-Improve digestion

-Eliminate irregularity

-Breathe more fully and effortlessly 

-Rebalance the body’s energy field

-Relax the body and nervous system as well as calm the mind


In these sessions we do a quick check in to see what your concerns are before getting into the body and moving what is stuck. This abdominal massage will relieve stomach pain, stress, anxiety, digestion issues, suppressed emotion and feeling stuck in your life. These sessions are designed for people that are looking to help with symptom management and/or have good emotional support in their lives. You will leave feeling a deep sense of calm, relaxation and relief.

Trauma Release work


1 x 2 hour coaching/Detox massage session $200.00 

3 x 2 hour coaching/Detox massage session $525.00 

The combination of coaching and this unique massage can have life changing results.


These sessions have all of the benefits above as well as diving deeper to get to the root of what you are experiencing.

Trauma is often misunderstood. Many people believe that there has to be a big event in your life when in truth it can happen little by little over time. We tend to compare our lives to others and tell ourselves, “I had it better then most so I shouldn't complain, it's not that bad.” The truth is that everyone has had life events that wounded them and left emotional patterns and blocks. These sessions get to the heart of old trauma and help to both process and release it.

In many cases clients are not able to figure out why they are blocked; have excessive anxiety; have reoccurring abdominal issue; can't let go of passed trauma; feel stuck in life; keep getting triggered when they thought they had thought they worked through something; keep making the same mistakes or continue to have other reoccurring negative habits or mood patterns. With these sessions we dive a little deeper to get you connected to the root cause before physically moving it through the body to be fully processed. I offer tools and insights and things to practice as you move through what is holding you back. This process combined with the detox massage has transformative results.

"I’ve been on my own healing journey for quite some time and have done a few modalities, although they do work and they are a part of my journey, my work brought me to James. I entered with an open mind and a willingness for healing to take place and what came to me was profound.


The space James offers is like no other (that I have been), I felt safe, secure and free from judgment; I was able to be me! I was able to express “freely” every emotion that was to come up. That made me so happy! That proves to me the integrity James holds while with his clients. James offers a caring, safe and nurturing environment for healing to to take place, he thoughtfully explained the process and took the time in the beginning to see my needs were going to be met.


The massage along with the breath work was interesting and it allowed for release of fear that we worked on. It has been a long time for me to just “be” in the moment and I find myself whistling and enjoying my moments more and more. I purchased the 3 pack and I highly recommend this as a first timer!


Thank-you James, you’re a wonderful healer that our world needs."

Michelle Chapman

 "James' organ detoxing method has helped me in profound ways.


He has helped me identify the aspects in my life that has been holding me back, and the physical aspect of the detoxing has helped it 'move through' my inner systems. His method is a holistic approach that covers both physical and mental (+ spiritual if you are into that idea) aspects of my well-being.


I have benefited a great deal from his sessions, and I wholeheartedly recommend James to anyone who are looking to deal with inner challenges in their lives"

MacKenzie Ko



Hello, my name is James Bell and I have been on a healing path for well over 10 years. During this journey I have come to a great understanding of how the body, mind and soul work together and that working with all three aspects at once can produce incredibly potent healing.


I incorporate sound resonance, breath work, massage, pressure points, intuitive healing touch and awareness of mental and emotional patterns to bring forth a full spectrum of healing.  After training in Detox Organ Massage based in Chi Nei Tsang, Thai  massage, Swedish touch massage, Reiki and energy healing I spent a number of years incorporating these healing modalities into what I  practice today.


While traveling South East Asia, I worked with a variety of teachers and practiced Vipassana meditation where I acquired a deep understanding of how the mind communicates with the body through the nervous system. As I dove deep into this process I was able to heal my old trauma and release my attachment to 15 years of chronic pain. I later discovered that the organs have neurons similar to the brain which hold emotional memory and this emotional memory can trigger a nervous system response which can manifest in many ways including abdominal pain, low energy, chronic pain, stress and anxiety. I now share this learning with clients through coaching and physical work so that they can understand what is happening and have tools to release it.


I share this knowledge and life experience in a way that allows my clients to feel safe in exploring and letting go of their stuck physical, emotional and mental patterns so that they can live more fully in the now moment.  This allows them to move through life with far less anxiety and stress. Some clients go so far as to say the experience has been life changing.


I believe that healing should go deeper then just the physical level and it is my life's work to help as many people as I can to overcome the physical, emotional and energetic barriers that are holding them back. I am dedicated to helping you move through your blocks and to create a loving space so that you feel safe to get the deep healing and peace that you deserve. Not everyone can get away for months of dedicated healing so I started Our Healing Room to create a space where you can work through and release those physical, emotional and energetic obstacles that are holding you back and go live more fully while continuing to live your life.


I look forward to working with you,



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